Dec 14, 2023

JumpDrive® Fingerprint F35 Flash Drive FAQs

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After plugging in my USB flash drive, why doesn’t my computer recognize it? Please re-attach the flash drive and run the application again. Why does the flash drive show less than the total capacity? The total capacity is divided up between the public partition and secure partition. Users can change the capacity of the secure partition once their fingerprints have been authenticated. Can the secure partition of the flash drive be accessed through my smartphone? Only the public partition can be accessed through your smartphone. Why can’t files larger than 4GB be saved to the flash drive? The initial format of the F35 is FAT32; you need to re-format it to exFAT when transmitting files larger than 4GB. Please note all files on the drive will be lost if you re-format. However, the fingerprint application itself, will not be erased. What systems are compatible with the fingerprint application? The fingerprint application can be operated in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. What are the minimum requirements to set up an admin/user account or change the partition size of the drive? The fingerprint application requires Windows XP and up.The fingerprint application is required to setup any accounts or changes to the partition size. If I have an older version of Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, can I still access the public and secure partitions? Regular flash drive use is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Why does the secure partition disappear after 15 minutes? The secure partition is designed to close after 15 minutes of inactivity for security purposes. To re-access the secure partition, simply place an authorized fingerprint on the sensor and it will re-open. What type of encryption is used on the Lexar F35 fingerprint flash drive? Encryption is based on the 256-bit AES method. The fingerprint data is saved on the flash drive with an exclusive UID produced by FP IC. Since the fingerprint data and fingerprint algorithm is separate, the data saved in the secure partition will be lost if the flash drive is dismantled by force. How many chances do I have to enter my administrator password correctly? If the user enters an incorrect password more than 254 times in succession, the F35 will start the process of self-destruction. All data in the USB flash drive will be erased, and the F35 can only be recovered by downloading the firmware again. Why can’t I access the secure partition after placing my finger on the fingerprint sensor several times? Ensure your fingerprint and sensor are clean and dry. If that doesn’t work, try re-attaching the flash drive.

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