Jun 11, 2024

Q&A with Lexar Ambassador Luke Stackpoole

We recently connected with Luke to learn more about his creative and workflow processes and to hear what he thinks of the Lexar ARMOR 700 Portable SSD.

1. When you’re packing for trips to remote locations, what do you keep in mind when selecting your gear?

There’s a bunch of super-important pieces of kit I always bring along with me when going to a remote destination with my camera. Other than the essential camera equipment, I bring a portable power bank, plenty of snacks (!!!), a good book, and of course my trusty Lexar gear. I use the Lexar Professional CFexpress Type A Cards GOLD Series with my Sony A1, as these have an incredible capacity, ruggedness, and speed capability when paired with the A1 readout speed. In order to back up these files, I’ll bring along my new ARMOR 700 Portable SSD. It has proven to be fast, super-rugged yet lightweight, and an essential addition to my bag over the last couple months.

2. What was your initial reaction when you unboxed the ARMOR 700 Portable SSD for the first time?

I actually really enjoyed the design of this one. It feels lightweight in the hand but also feels sturdy and like it won’t mind being bashed around a bit when going on long hikes and travels. Well-thought out!

3. One year ago, you posted your short film “Pathfinder” on YouTube – an amazing sci-fi piece! Can you tell us about your experience filming on location with such high temperatures and harsh conditions?

I actually filmed this one in the USA, in the deserts around the Death Valley region. We had a mix of bright sunlight and long days under the sun which made filming tricky and especially hot inside the replica spacesuit! And then one evening on the dunes we encountered a sandstorm which made filming even more difficult. That being said, my Sony Camera and Lexar Professional gear was up to the test and all the footage returned home safely.

4. What does your workflow look like when on the road? Do you edit in real time throughout the trip or at the end of the trip?

So it’s really a mix. I do like to share content as soon as possible once I shoot it, often in the car or plane on the way back from a trip! First thing I do though when I get back from a shoot or safari for example is plug the cards into the laptop, dump the files, and back them up both to my laptop and my ARMOR 700 SSD just so there is a failsafe. Always pays to be careful with the images!

5. Do you have favorite locations or subjects you like to photograph? What’s the climate/terrain like in these locations? 

I love rugged, mountainous, dramatic regions as I feel these give photos more of an atmosphere. Deserts too – the harshness and sci-fi like landscape really is spectacular to witness as there are rarely other people around and it’s just so peaceful with the sand dunes and glowing sunlight in the mornings. I do also love capturing wildlife for fun, the ever-changing features and compositions you can create with animals makes it all the more exciting, despite the need for a lot of patience!

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