Andrew Wille


Andrew is a commercial photographer, content creator, and educator. He has a knack for elevating urban, landscape, and everyday objects into art, adding warmth, texture and elegance to his subjects. What started as a hobby in 2014, has now led him to traveling the world and working with top brands such as Apple, DJI, Google, Insta360, Lamborghini, Lexar, Meta, Monster Energy, Snapchat, Xbox, and many more.

For as long as he can remember Andrew has had a deep interest in photography, but it wasn’t until 2014 that he purchased his first camera. Since then, photography has become his biggest passion in life. He has always believed that a single photo has the ability to inspire or even change someone’s life, and he tries to embody that in each of his photographs. Andrew is inspired by capturing and sharing the beauty of everyday life with others. Over the past few years, Andrew has garnered a large following of over 400,000.

As one of the co-founders of Bay Shooters (and now most recently Cali Shooters), Andrew enjoys building communities of like-minded creatives and oversees large (400+ attendee) photo walks/meets. He has a passion for teaching, and has taught hundreds of photographers in both private/small group workshops, as well through a newly released nline photography course.

Andrew has been interviewed for/featured in many publications including Art of Visuals, Visit Oakland, Digital Imaging Reporter, Photogrist Photo Magazine,, Camera West, Voyage Chicago Magazine, and more.

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