Felgra Yogatama


Hey there! I’m Felgra, the eye behind the lens at Felgra Photography. My path to photography was as organic as most people’s. I received a camera as a gift in 2002 and become professional in 2010. Now it’s well over a decade later and photography has not only become my career, but what my existence revolves around… Photography bought me to meet my best friend also experienced that I’ve never imagined.

My idea of creating imagery seems to be constantly changing with the times and I take artistic liberties with the process of making my own style of art.Exploring the beauty in every moment and capturing stories through my lens. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits, I’m on a journey to freeze time and evoke emotions through my photography. As a proud Lexar Ambassador, I’m excited to share my visual adventures and passion for Travel, Leisure and Landscape Nature.

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